Our Best Tips for DIY Electrical Installations

Sometimes, we encounter small electrical problems which we can solve ourselves. Hiring an electrician costs money, so you can save money by doing these minor tasks by yourself. Here are some tips for electrical DIY.

    • Cables are hidden behind your walls. When you drill, nail or screw something, you can touch the wires that are inside. So, before doing these you need to first locate cables in your wall. There are cable detectors available in the market which can help you track the cables inside the wall and so saves you from getting any electric shock.
    • Always use a Residual Current Device (RCD). This device can save you by cutting the power off in case you do some mistake. You should have it fitted in your fuse box.

  • When doing any kind of electrical wiring work, always shut off the power. Use battery powered tools which you will easily find in the hardware stores.
  • When you are using power tools, check whether the plug and lead are in proper condition. If you notice any fault in them, get it repaired before using it.
  • Whenever you are confused about any issue, get advice from a registered electrician. This way you can avoid any kind of electrical problems at home and also save yourself from an accident.

DIY saves money, but don’t die for it. Almost 50% male prefer it this way. But, according to a research, DIY errors result in half of the electric shocks in the home. So, whenever you are fixing electrical DIY follow the suggestions just mentioned. In case of any problem, don’t think otherwise, immediately call a professional electrician.

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